BOZ is a pop/alternative singer-songwriter with a little bit of soul. She is a graduate from the University of Alabama where she majored in music with an emphasis in composition. BOZ also played D1 soccer for the University of Alabama and is currently pursuing a professional soccer career. BOZ is releasing her first single called "Weightless" worldwide with Starburst Records in May 2019  has an album on the way set to drop later this year!

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 Brand new song Weightless ft. BOZ dropping 5-15-19 @ iTunes, Spotify & everywhere music is sold online.

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We are very pleased to welcome Dreamatorium to our cadre of talented artists. Dreamatorium is the brainchild of three collaborators from 3 countries on 3 continents, Brazil, Australia & the USA. Together we are creating an enhanced hybrid of chill music vibe in the Ambient tradition, but with a little extra spicy sauce added to give greater zest to our creations. Listeners may luxuriate in the roots of Ambient Music with influences of modern EDM for landscapes to relax the mind. Produced, mixed and mastered at Protilius Productions in Adelaide, Australia. Here we present the first two albums, Dreamatorium and Dreamatorium Too.  A third album is currently in production.  


Johnny Cash meets Gangsta Rap meets Primus meets Jazz. The brainchild of a gifted Brazilian composer/producer, an American lyricist and a vocalists from Mexico, the first self titled Rapazzi album delivers hip, jazz infused beat generation exhortations on the meaning of life in the early 21st Century, but with an historical perspective dating back to the early Roman Empire. Please be sure to check out the amazing Rapazzi YouTube video below for its colorful originality. One fan commented “This is the coolest song I’ve heard so far on Broadjam. Johnny Cash plus the Neptunes plus Cake. Great lyrics?”

Bobby & Leslie Sahlen

American Ex-pats Bobby & Leslie Sahlen have been belting out amazingly original songs for years from their little south of the border studio down in San Carlos, Mexico. Incredibly versatile, their regular live performances often include cleverly written mixes of Americana with a touch of Tequila, salt and sunshine creating their very own unique genre they affectionately refer to as Twisted Americana! Leslie comes from a background of being a highly sought after studio session singer while Bobby’s vocal styling’s are most closely analogous to Johnny Cash, particularly in the final years of Johnny’s life. Together, Bobby & Leslie have collaborated with Johnny Starburst on five albums to date, including “The San Carlos Sessions”, “Still Upright” and Johnny’s favorite “Sketches of Life”. The Sketches album features straight forward acoustical guitar/vocal performances that reach deep into the core of what it means to be a mature human being in the early 21st Century. From the pathos of Dancing With Dragons to the epitome of regret in Broken Dream Confessor, this eclectic song collection is an artistic statement about life, love, the duality of happiness and sadness…authentic realities of the human condition. Below is a live video performance of Leslie singing Trapped, a Johnny Starburst co-write that includes Brazil’s colorful Santolin’s YouTube video of the song being projected adjacent to the stage for an amazing live multi-media presentation.

Lorena Robles

Lorena Robles has been wowing her faithful and loyal audiences for many years singing in seven different languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Latin & even Japanese! A native of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, she trained in Classical Guitar and Operatic singing in the early ‘80’s at the House of Culture of the State of Sonora followed by further training in singing & Classical guitar at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. Lorena is highly accomplished in acoustical guitar playing in the styles of Trova, Ballad, Bolero & Ranchera. She has been performing extensively within the nightclub/restaurant circuit for decades throughout Mexico City & Sonora, especially in San Carlos in recent years, and more recently at the French Restaurant “Coup des Tartes” in the center of Phoenix, Arizona. A highlight of Lorena’s career was performances in the main theater of The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City along with her sister Marcela Ro at such events as The Duoma Loma and with the Ballet of Amalia Hernandez and Tehua in 1998. In November of 2016, Starburst Records published Lorena's first self titled world wide release and since then have published four albums, one single & an amazing music video called La Bruja what has had well over 50,000 views on Facebook.  


In late 2017 - early 2018, Starburst had the privelege of working with the great Brazilian singer Astrid along with talented sax/flute player Paul Messina.  The final result was the publishing of Astrid’s Musings in March of 2018.  This is our first Brazilian Portuguese album, highly infused with both traditional and popular Brazilian music, including Samba, Bossa Nova and chill jazz. Brazilian singer Astrid’s sweet vocals are augmented by the great sax and flute playing of Paul Messina. Many thanks to collaborators Marcelo Mendes, Nery Bauer, Johnny Starburst, Astrid & Paul Messina on this ambitious undertaking.

Nery Bauer

Nery Bauer is his own Malcolm McLaren: he plays, records, produces, mixes, and prepare all the graphic and videos for his own work. Coming from a heavy-metal background, Nery turned to underground electronic music of artist such as the early Amon Tobin and also Funk Porcini. He defined his aesthetic through these influences, but also working in collaboration or as a producer for other musicians, such as Rapazzi (transnational collective that he is part of), and Zero DB (he remixed one song released by the Ninja Tune label). With his own solo project, he released two vinyl singles with Fluid Ounce.  His latest project, Ray Ben Rue is making a big splash on Spotify.

Johnny Starburst & the All Star Singers

“I have never heard a more involved, witty, politically humorous and emotionally-tuned individual in my life. Johnny Starburst writes material that will not only make you think, but pushes the boundaries of nearly every genre within which he dabbles. Amazing versatility, a genuine contribution to any musical community, I’ll stand by his work any day.” -Nathaniel Jones, Protilius Productions.

“Johnny Starburst is one of those rare writers who truly lives or has lived what he writes. He possesses a level of passion and enthusiasm in his compositions that I have never seen in my 30 plus years in the music business. His lyrics often encompass powerful poetry along with psychic depth that defines his writings in a unique and fascinating way. At other times, he is witty in a way that challenges the listener to think. It has been my pleasure to complete a number of compositions with Johnny that I feel are as great, as compelling, and as emotionally deep as anything I have ever written.” -Rich Chudacoff, Gouda Music Publishing, Nashville, TN

Johnny Starbust collaborates extensively with his lifelong friend Evan Zappa and much of their co-writing projects are published under one another’s names.

Peter G.Olach


In the grand tradition of American Folk & Alternative Folk singers, award-winning songwriter Peter G. Olach (PGO) has impressed his fans for decades since his early traveling troubadour days in the early 1970’s when he toured extensively throughout the USA & Canada. Now living on the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Peter collaborated with Starburst Records on the writing, production and publishing of his “a complicated MAN” album demonstrating, with exquisite clarity, the full breadth and maturity of his songwriting and performing genius. The vast majority of songs on this album were played, performed and recorded all in one single take at his kitchen table, an amazing feat!

The CDs title song dives head first into the complexity and dichotomies of living within the modern era of information overload while simultaneously retaining grace and wisdom. The emotionally insightful “Far from Home” has brought many a listener to tears as it paints a picture of societal alienation. And, then there is the incredibly upbeat “Wedding Dress” which teases us with its surprise ending.

Peter’s artistic blending of the very best elements of traditional Folk, Celtic, Country and Americana forge a whole new genre of quiet elegance.

Evan Zappa & The Necessity

Knowing full well that necessity is the mother of invention, Evan Zappa’s unstoppable passion to create launched his illustrious career in the art of songwriting. With a genius for collaboration and now with over 1,000 placement credits into film, tv, media, external distributions and advertising, his ever growing body of work stands poised for greatness. Said one reviewer: “I have never heard a more involved, witty, politically humorous and emotionally-tuned individual in my life. Evan writes material that will not only make you think, but pushes the boundaries of nearly every genre within which he dabbles. Amazing versatility, a genuine contribution to any musical community, I’ll stand by his work any day.” One of Evan’s “pet projects” is writing material for his lifelong friend Johnny Starburst & his All Star Singers. All of their combined collaborative material appears on in the name of Evan Zappa & the Necessity.

Stuck With Green - Stuck With Green

Floridian Ron Potter is the mastermind behind the Stuck With Green brand, most frequently heard stretching the limits of Electronic Industrial Rock well beyond where NIN virtually invented this genre.  Evan Zappa & The Necessity and Stuck With Green have been long time collaborators creating some of the most powerful songs and music on the Starburst label.  

Jean Paul Zoghbi

Jean Paul Zoghbi is a writer, researcher, music composer, and real estate development expert.

His current passion is to help people understand why time speeds up as we grow older and how to make the most of it. With the last 6 years spent researching Time Perception in the fields of Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, he is passionate about sharing what science has to say about our experience of time and ways to make every second count.

A husband and father of two lovely daughters and a son, he resides in Dubai where he is the CEO for a multi-billion construction project.

Michael Lusk

Michael Lusk has enjoyed an incredible career as vocalist, bass player and backup singer with country luminaries from Martina McBride to Jason Aldean to the Billy Graham Crusades. He was also a member of Christian Rock Group called Forerunner that starting in 1998 worked as a backup band for Loretta Lynn. Michael’s career and recent touring with Loretta are covered extensively in this article by Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer:

Starburst Records has published the following two releases of Michael’s work:

In May, 2016 we published Michael Lusk “Contrasts” album. It was an honor and a privilege for Bobby & Leslie Sahlen and Starburst Records to collaborate with Michael Lusk, whose vocal performances on this album added an extra dimension to each song we can best describe as MAGIC! And, of course, the incredible production and musical talents of Martin Young were phenomenal, as were his back up musicians Scott Nuebert on Peddle steel and Dobro, Jason Roller on Fiddle and Dennis Wage on Keyboard.

More recently, in May of 2018, we were again honored to serve as publisher for the great Jill Chase/Tim Williams co-written song “That Moment When” performed by Michael. Jill & Tim, both from upstate New York custom wrote this song with the magical voice of Michael Lusk in mind. A truly compelling and passionate love song. In explaining the writers’ intentions, Jill said “We wanted to do something a little different…a simple love song to be enjoyed by all ages, Country and non-Country fans alike. Combining a little of that Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” vibe along with a bluesy Tennessee Whiskey Lullaby feel.” This nifty little tune has already been receiving radio play in Jill and Tim’s area of New York.

N.Jones, Protilius Productions

We met Nathaniel at in 2010 where he welcomed us with incredible warmth and open arms.  Our collaborations with him were instrumental in us winning the $25k Grand Prize in that year’s annual 6-Pack Songwriting Competition.  We've been collaborating with him ever since.  Nathaniel is a huge influence in Electronic Industrial genre with incredible work output.  I know "N", as I call him is not particularly wild about this photo of him I've posted above, but ya know, this is so "Nathaniel". He's a musical extremist....outspoken, opinionated, never at a loss for words and perhaps the most dedicated artist to his craft I've ever met.  Here is Nathaniel's self-described bio:  Thanks for taking the time. I'm Nathaniel, human hybrid extraordinaire. I run a project studio (Protilius Productions) in Adelaide and an artist educational blog on Kinja.  I am award winning. My work is in circulation with ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, Discovery, The Learning Channel, "O" network, and independent films/games as well.  When not producing or composing music I am a full time "stay at home Superman." I am the proud father of baby twin girls and a brilliant autistic three year old little boy.  They drive me to be the best at what I do... Which is a little bit of everything. Thank you for your consideration. N.Jones, Producer/Composer  Best Instrumentalist 2015 6 Pack International Contest. Finals Winner 2016-17 6 Pack International Song Writing Competition. Nominated for Best Score, Nice 2018 International Film Festival.


Rock Modernoff & The Jetstream Cowboys

During 2008, I began keeping a journal of thoughts about the world and the human condition. During 2009, I began studying how to turn these thoughts into song lyrics.  Part of my studies included meeting and collaborating with the amazing producer Rick Chudacoff of Nashville.  Together we created a fantastic collection of songs initially released under the virtual band name of “The Id Kids” released in 2011, but subsequently re-released in 2013 under the new brand name of Rock Modernoff & The Jetstream Cowboys with following musical description:

US band Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys write sophisticated, imaginative, and lyrically thought-provoking Modern Rock music that appeals to mind, soul & spirit with stories of tragedy, survival, and human relationships frequently expressing politically savvy realities of the human condition. The brainchild of a collaboration of Grammy nominated producer Rick Chudacoff and award winning lyricist Johnny Starburst, Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys bring new meaning to modern rock harkening back to the day when song lyrics actually made bold and powerful statements.


This crashing electronic blending of musical styles embodied in Evanescence, Garbage & NIN catapults NLF deep into the soul of mortality grasping at the very essence of what it means to be human. Trainwreck is an expression of restrained power. It’s an avalanche of controlled chaos, it’s a cacophony of atom splitting held within the tightly clenched fist of the sound gods. It’s a demonstration of swallowing a perfect storm and coming out standing on the other side. It’s a miracle of survival and it restores my faith in humanity. House of Shame is an updated version of House of the Rising Sun but from a female perspective & with significant plot changes. Here a young lady whose life/world falls apart when her lover leaves her & she remains within her own house of shame where the very walls drip daily with reminders of her painful existence. SWBrew represents pure, unadulterated materialism with lack of remorse in all of its egotistical splendor. Sledgehammer is pure love, unfettered by the distilling of fear and ignorance into hate.  NLF is a collaboration of Nery Bauer & Johnny Starburst.

Peter Cleveland, aka PJ Cleveland

It was 1981 and 28 year old PJ Cleveland and his 6 man band “Cloak & Dagger” were on the cusp of signing a record contract with a major label in Los Angeles.  Peter was on cloud nine, but on the way to a gig he accepted a ride from an uninsured, unlicensed fan on the back of his unregistered motorcycle and never made it to his performance.  In the accident, Peter catapulted through the air, bouncing off an oak tree and through the side of a stucco home suffering untold broken bones and traumatic brain injury.  He spent the next 5 weeks in a coma and next one and a half years in the Hospital.  Lucky to be alive, he had to go back to square one learning again how to walk, how to talk, how to even recognize his own friends and family members.  The one thing Peter never forgot was his amazing vocal talent. Today some 36 years later, Peter is releasing the first album he had hoped to publish back in 1981.  It is with a deep sense of humility and gratitude that Starburst Records is thrilled to release PJ Cleveland’s first world wide release album “Maybe This Time”!  Maybe this time PJ’s dreams will come true!

The Great Brazilian Artist, Santolin!

Nery Bauer introduced Starburst to the great Brazilian performance artist, Santolin, some 10 years ago and we've done some great collaborations together over the years, most famously his incredible single take video of the song we wrote with Bobby & Leslie Sahlen called Trapped!  Leslie subsequently performed this song live at a show in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico with the Santolin music video playing on a large screen behind her.  Historic moments, and a great song!

Santolin's Single Shot Music Video on YouTube:

Leslie's Live Performance:



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