Starburst Records is thrilled to add BOZ to its roster of strong independent artist!  

BOZ is a pop/alternative singer-songwriter with a little bit of soul. She is a graduate from the University of Alabama where she majored in music with an emphasis in composition. BOZ also played D1 soccer for the University of Alabama and is currently pursuing a professional soccer career. BOZ has an album on the way set to drop later this year!

Starburst Records has been working closely with Boz on the upcoming worldwide release of the single "Weightless", an upbeat pop song of celebration serving as an anthem for anyone that's ever felt the sting of intollerance or prejudice.  Watch for this upcoming release in May 2019.

BOZ has already released an amazing music video featured below called Wake Up, her own originally written song of amazing brilliance expressing how WOKE she really is.  The new generation is stepping forward and commands world attention.  This is the future, ladies and gentlemen - get on board, or get out of the way!  We love you BOZ, your songwriting message of empowerment, and we are deeply humbled and honored to walk the path of life with you!



For more than 30 years, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen have been writing, producing, performing, publishing & promoting great music initially in America, then subsequently from their “little studio south of the border” down in San Carlos, Mexico! 

Stuck With Green 

An experimental and studio-based composer from Orlando, Florida – Stuck With Green’s eclectic creations stick out from the pack. 

“It's not easy coming from the past I was born into…I have extreme good and evil inside of me, I channel as much of that as I can into my music and it serves me well. It is my church… my priest… my mistress. It is my passion and purpose beyond family.” acknowledged Nathaniel during our recent interview.

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