For more than 30 years, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen have been writing, producing, performing, publishing & promoting great music initially in America, then subsequently from their “little studio south of the border” down in San Carlos, Mexico!  Besides their own extensive catalogue of original material, they also have innumerable ties to such luminary artists as The Mamas & The Papas, Spanky & Our Gang, Chris Montez (Let’s Dance, Call Me, etc.), Marc McClure and more.  Leslie’s prior professional artist publicity experience coupled with Bobby’s original songwriting and performing expertise synthesized in the start of their relationship in 1988.  One of their first joint releases was the 19__ album "Life's Much Better in Mexico”, available on iTunes.  Together they’ve won numerous awards and song contests and organized and sponsored numerous music festivals in San Carlos.

During the seven year period spanning 2012 through 2018, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen co-wrote and published eight releases with  Starburst Records including all those shown on this page.  The first release called Rapazzi was an international collaboration of four artists from three different countries creating a unique blend of Mexi-calli jazz and rock described by their exclusive publisher as follows: 

2012       Rapazzi
2013       Sketches of Life
2014       Still Upright
2015       The San Carlos Sessions
2015       Rapazzi Ready to Strike
2016       Contrasts-Sahlen/Starburst co-written/performed by Michael Lusk)
2017       Supermassive Black Hole (Cover of Muse song)
2018       The Chain
June 2, 2014, San Carlos, Mexico…Bobby and Leslie Sahlen are pleased to announce the release of their latest collaborative album with Starburst Music called “Still Upright” featuring the Guest Artists Martin Young on 16 tracks and the Walter Rios Tango Quintet on 3 Bonus Tracks. Song list includes: 1. Still Upright 2. Shadow 3. Magic Hugs 4. Epitaph 5. Let’s Pretend 6. Sir Barks A Lot 7. Trapped 8. The Sinner 9. Sister Senorita 10. Abandonment 11. Lady of the Smokey Club 12. Playboy 13. Broken Dream Confessor 14. Nightmare 15. Flowing Mountain Stream 16. If I’d Known BONUS TRACKS! 17. Playboy (Tango version) 18. Nightmare (Tango version) 19. Playboy instrumental (Tango version) Martin Young-Producer/Engineer, guitars on track 1, all instruments on tracks 2-16 Walter Ríos-Bandoneon on track 1. Bonus Tracks 17-19 featuring Walter Ríos Quintet: Walter Ríos- bandoneon/ arrangement/ direction, Ricardo Lew- guitar, Cristian Zárate-piano, Esteban Prentki-violín, Pablo Motta-contrabass, Oscar Gimenez-chief sound engineer, Norberto Villagra- Mix-Sound Engineer. Album Photography: Greg Pyros Cover design: Nery Bauer © 2014 Bobby Sahlen/Johnny Starburst (p) 2014 Gatorlegs/Dream Stumblers.  With emotionally stirring vocals, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen takes us on a magical singer-songwriter journey, accompanied by Martin Young's great acoustical instrumentation. Also featuring guest artists the fabulous Walter Rios Quintet on 3 Bonus Tracks!


 In this, their 5th album together, Bobby Sahlen and Johnny Starburst have focused their creative collaboration on this uniquely original collection of 16 songs seamlessly blending folk, rock, jazz, American, blues and country. In addition to timeless vocal performances by Bobby & Leslie, we are also very pleased to thank our friends Lorena Robles, Tana Threadgill, Jim Ferrie & Eric Holland for their outstanding vocal contributions as well as tremendous musicians Martin Young, Jason Roller, Dennis Wage, Scott Nuebert, John Willis and Lorena Robles for their outstanding performances. Enjoy!  

 A hybrid fusion of Americana & Electronica styles, this is a powerful Louisiana Bayou portrayal of impact upon the child/man of a generations long moonshine family business.

In the spring of 2016, Bobby Sahlen flew from San Carlos, Mexico to Boston, Massachusetts to spend a week with Johnny Starburst co-writing a brand new collection of songs for the great country artist, Michael Lusk to perform.  The result was the release of the album Contrasts which was introduced to the publish as follows in May of 2016:

Dear Friends, Michael Lusk has enjoyed an incredible career as vocalist, bass player and backup singer with country luminaries from Martina McBride to Jason Aldean to the Billy Graham Crusades as well as with a Christian rock group called Forerunner that starting in 1998 worked as a backup band for Loretta Lynn. Michael's career and recent touring with Loretta are covered extensively in this article by Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer: It was an honor and a privilege for Bobby & Leslie Sahlen and I to collaborate with Michael Lusk, whose vocal performances on this album added an extra dimension to each song I can best describe as MAGIC! And, of course, the incredible production and musical talents of Martin Young were phenomenal, as were his back up musicians Scott Nuebert on Peddle steel and Dobro, Jason Roller on Fiddle and Dennis Wage on Keyboard. I hope you enjoy! Johnny Starburst STARBURST MUSIC PUBLISHING, LLC 

With gut wrenching, poetic lyrics in the vein of Leonard Cohen and a vocalist with the rugged sincerity of Johnny Cash, Rapazzi is the brainchild of a gifted Brazilian composer/producer, an award-winning American lyricist, and seasoned vocalists living in Mexico. The result of their collaboration is retro Mexi-Cali infused beat generation exhortations on the meaning of life in the early 21st Century. Texas vocalists and songwriters Bobby and Leslie Sahlen first met at Pantera’s recording studio in 1988. Over the years they have collaborated and shared stages with a Who’s Who of music icons. After relocating to Mexico, the couple formed MexMo San Carlos in partnership with 60’s superstar Chris Montez. In 2011 the duo met award winning American lyricist Johnny Starburst and thus began an extraordinarily prolific songwriting odyssey. The talented Brazilian songwriter and producer Nery Bauer joined the project and the result is the transcontinental uniqueness that is Rapazzi. “Not sure how I 'd classify this other than very unique. Slightly twisted old west vibe. This is TOTALLY AWESOME! The Johnny Cash style vocal is incredible. LOVE THIS!” - Chip Salerno “Sick! Quirky and great!” - Bangemboi Productions “You’re never too old to rock and roll, so keep it up”

 - Ann W . Richards 




Muse’s 2006 “Supermassive Black Hole” was a huge hit. Many believe the song to be about the singer’s romantic relationship. However, others see it as a searing indictment of the record industry's long sad history of abusing musical geniuses. Here we present Bobby Sahlen’s stripped down cover version of this powerful song.  


Sketches of Life, Bobby Sahen's new solo CD, features songs co-written with Starburst Music Publishing. Presented in straight forward acoustical guitar/vocal performances, these songs reach deep into the core of what it means to be a mature human being in the early 21st Century. From the pathos of Dancing With Dragons to the epitome of regret in Broken Dream Confessor, this CD is an artistic statement about life, love, the duality of happiness and sadness...authentic realities.

“This is the new album by my friend Bobby Sahlen, composed in collaboration with the amazing lyricists from Starburst Music Publishing. Bobby has a distinctive voice that at the same time is thunderous and soft, aggressive and comforting (if you know some of my recent works, Bobby is the singer of the project Rapazzi). In the meeting of this great voice with such moving lyrics, together with Bobby's 12-string guitar, a classic album was born. As my humble contribution I designed the album cover, trying to bring justice to the excellent music it contains.”

-Nery Bauer, Brazilian Music Producer


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