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Nathaniel Jones, aka Protilius exploded on the music scene over ten years ago with an everlasting love for Electronic Industrial (the musical genre of Trent Reznor/NIN.)

Brash, bold, inventive, not shy, Nathaniel has been tearing down conventions and testing the very foundations of how we listen to, appreciate, and deal with music in our daily lives. He has done this with not only his musical productions, but also through his many blog postings, his interpersonal relationships, and the way he sets an example as an indie artist.

We met Nathaniel on Broadjam in 2010 where he welcomed us with incredible warmth and open arms. Our collaborations with him were instrumental in us winning the $25k Grand Prize in that year’s annual 6-Pack International Songwriting Competition. We've been collaborating with him ever since. Nathaniel is a huge influence in Electronic Industrial genre with incredible work output. I know “N" is not particularly wild about this photo of him I've posted above, but ya know, this is so"Nathaniel". He's a musical extremist....outspoken, opinionated, never at a loss for words and perhaps the most dedicated artist to his craft I've ever met.

Here is Nathaniel's self-described bio:

"Thanks for taking the time. I'm Nathaniel, human hybrid extraordinaire. I run a project studio (Protilius Productions) in Adelaide and an artist educational blog on Kinja. I am award winning. My work is in circulation with ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, Discovery, The Learning Channel, "O" network, and independent films/games as well. When not producing or composing music I am a full time "stay at home Superman.

I am the proud father of baby twin girls and a brilliant autistic three year old little boy. They drive me to be the best at what I do... Which is a little bit of everything.

Thank you for your consideration.

N.Jones, Producer/Composer

Best Instrumentalist 2015 6 Pack International Contest. Finals Winner 2016-17 6 Pack International Song Writing Competition. Nominated for Best Score, Nice 2018 International Film Festival.”

See what I mean about not being shy?

From Manic Mad Man to Gentle Father/Family Man… It has been a long road.


“It's not easy coming from the past I was born into…I have extreme good and evil inside of me, I channel as much of that as I can into my music and it serves me well. It is my church… my priest… my mistress. It is my passion and purpose beyond family.” acknowledged Nathaniel during our recent interview.

Following years of manic productivity fueled by ego, creativity, alcohol, a considerable amount of dedication, and a fair amount of struggling with his own demons, something unexpected occurred.

N fell in love and got married! Now this gentle giant, father of adorable twin girls & a beautiful son, has become a more polished entrepreneur and family man, softening all his sharp edges while embracing a significantly more intrinsic grace & goodness that always resided within.

So, early this year (2018) Nery Bauer and I convinced Nathaniel to take a stab at ambient style chill music. But how does one tame a stallion to act like a lamb? Well, my friends, very, very carefully! LOL. You’ve heard the expression “over-qualified’, but the results, I am convinced, have been well worth the effort. In fact, so much so, that Starburst Records has contracted with Nathaniel for three albums under the Dreamatorium brand:

  • Dreamatorium, the first, released on June 30, 2018 containing 7 tracks and available at all the digital media platforms illustrated below;
  • Dreamatorium Too, scheduled for release August 31, 2018 containing 9 tracks; and,
  • Dreamatorium III to be released in late 2018 and to contain 10 tracks

Dreamatorium is the brainchild of three collaborators from 3 countries on 3 continents, Nery Bauer from Brazil, Nathaniel Jones from Adelaide, Australia & Jay Carney, Founder & CEO of Starburst Records from the USA. Together we are creating an enhanced hybrid of chill music vibe in the Ambient tradition, but with a little extra spicy sauce added to give greater zest to our creations. Listeners may luxuriate in the roots of Ambient Music with influences of modern EDM for landscapes to relax the mind. Produced, mixed and mastered at Protilius Productions.


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