Described by many as a blend of Evanescence, Garbage and NIN, the power of NLF reaches deep within the soul of mortality grasping at the very essence of what it means to be human in the 21st Century. Trainwreck is an expression of restrained power. It’s an avalanche of controlled chaos, it's a cacophony of atom splitting held within the tightly clenched fist of the sound gods. It's a demonstration of swallowing a perfect storm and coming out standing on the other side. It's a miracle of survival and it restores my faith in humanity. House of Shame...hmmmm.....this is somewhat of an updated, modern day version of the old classic song "House of the Rising Sun", but from a female perspective...and with significant plot changes. Here we hear about a young lady whose life/world falls apart when her lover leaves her and she remains within her own house of shame where the very walls drip daily with her painful existence. Satan's Witch's Brew represents pure, unadulterated materialism with lack of remorse in all of its egotistical splendor. And finally, what can one say about Sledgehammer other than its pure love, unfettered by the distilling of fear and ignorance into hate.


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