"Beginning with the early 70's, award-winning songwriter/artist Peter Olach (PGO) toured extensively throughout the USA & Canada. Now living on the Blue Ridge Mountains, Peter's newest release 'Complicated MAN' demonstrates, with exquisite clarity, the full breadth and maturity of a master singer/songwriter. The CDs title song dives head first into the complexity and dichotomies of living within the human condition. The impactive "Far from Home" has brought many a listener to tears as it paints a picture of societal alienation. And, then there is the incredibly upbeat "Wedding Dress" which teases us with its surprise ending. Peter’s artistic blending of the very best elements of traditional Folk, Celtic, Country and Americana forge a whole new genre of quiet elegance. These latest original songs represent the result of collaboration with Starburst Music and are sure to provoke thoughtful reflection in even the most astute listener."

Gary Vandy - Producer, Studio Center, Miami


"This is a recording from one of our great storytellers sharing complex life experiences in song-form. Peter’s voice is distinctive, inimitable, forceful, subtle and true to life. But more importantly, his inner voice is powerful and obvious in this collection, and that's what makes it so truly special. Upon listening, one might find the vocal phrasing similar to Willie Nelson or Bob Dylan, with a slight Celtic feel and supported by equally unique acoustic guitar work. Thought provoking lyrics are the norm throughout this album, like "our baby girl, she only wants to die” from the song Mistress of the Vein. And, my favorite is the title track, Complicated Man, the perfect name for this project - because Peter Olach bares his soul and throughout shows just how complex he is, as great songwriters do. My Recommendation: You have to put this in your collection."

Roy Elkins, Founder Broadjam.com


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