Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing

by Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa

Released 2014
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Released 2014
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Take a fun ride into the zany bizarre musical world of Stuck With Green. Think Beck meets Frank Zappa, Nine Inch Nails meet Andy Samberg, Prodigy with a Saturday Night Live sense of humor. Life is full of hardships...let’s not make it harder on ourselves. Let’s have some fun, and here’s the music to have some fun to!
Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa have been collaborating on both wild and zany satirical comedy and profoundly serious electronic industrial mayhem for the past 6 years. In 2014, their uniquely creative synergy resulted in the release of Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music released through Starburst Music Publishing. In 2016, the pair hooked up again to release Dull Unconscious Man, a significantly more serious initiative. With thunderous electronic industrial …
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