Stuck With Green 

An experimental and studio-based composer from Orlando, Florida – Stuck With Green’s eclectic creations stick out from the pack. As the oldest of eight siblings, SWG’s parents had a novel way of handling the household chaos. “To keep our belongings straight, Mom and Dad color-coded everything… I got stuck with the color green.” Stuck With Green has won numerous songwriting competitions and placed several scores into TV shows including the Dr. Oz Show and True Hollywood Stories.  Following is one of his recent music videos reflecting the cries of a nation, nay of a world for some desperately needed respite from unrest, divisiveness and uncertainty....

 A Different Kind of Sleep, (c) 2018


Here is another great music video by SWG called The Bitter End:

Dull Unconscious Man (c) 2016




Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa have been collaborating on both wild and zany satirical comedy and profoundly serious electronic industrial mayhem since 2010. In 2014, their uniquely creative synergy resulted in the release of Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music released through Starburst Records. In 2016, the pair hooked up again to release Dull Unconscious Man (aka D.U.M.), a significantly more serious initiative. With thunderous electronic industrial madness, D.U.M. questions the very essence of changes to the human condition in the digital age, including Protilius’ brilliant remix of the album’s title song poking a thoughtful and humorous stick within the virtual eye of politics encompassing disrespect that both Trump evangelists and ultra-left wing liberals will applaud.  



Stuck With Green Cover of Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face"

2018 Collaborations of Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa








 Stuck With Green also composed and produced several tracks on the very popular album "A Collection of Halloween Horrors from Starburst Records"!


August 2018 Release


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