The San Carlos Sessions

by Bobby Sahlen & Leslie Sahlen

Released 2015
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Released 2015
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
The 5th fully original album by creative songwriting partners Bobby Sahlen & Johnny Starburst with powerful melodies and lyrics, in a unique blend of Americana, blues, folk, rock, jazz and country.
In this, their 5th album together, Bobby Sahlen and Johnny Starburst have focused their creative collaboration on this uniquely original collection of 16 songs seamlessly blending folk, rock, jazz, American, blues and country. In addition to timeless vocal performances by Bobby & Leslie, we are also very pleased to thank our friends Lorena Robles, Tana Threadgill, Jim Ferrie & Eric Holland for their outstanding vocal contributions as well as tremendous musicians Martin Young, Jason Roller, Dennis Wage, Scott …
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