Starburst Records is an independent record label that stands out in the competitive music industry for its unique and vibrant approach. Established with a passion for discovering and promoting diverse musical talent, Starburst Records prides itself on fostering creativity and originality.

The label is known for its eclectic roster, spanning various genres such as Jazz & Traditional Pop Vocals, LoFi Beats instrumental music, indie rock and more. Starburst Records is committed to providing a platform for emerging artists who bring fresh and innovative sounds to the music scene.

The label's aesthetic is characterized by a colorful and dynamic imagery, reflecting the diverse range of music it represents. The name "Starburst Records" suggests a burst of creativity and energy, symbolizing the label's dedication to supporting artists who push boundaries and create music that resonates with a wide audience.

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The indie artists of Starburst Records reach an all time new lifetime streaming level!

Jan 3 2024

After conducting its usual & customary year end audit, Starburst Records realized it had been missing its previus 10+ years of AudioSparx/RadioSparx streaming in its lifetime totals which when added in brought us to this new lifetime total today!

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Penny Towers Covers Popular Songs of the 20th Century


Over the past three decades, Central Vermont based singer, songwriter, actress, artist Penny Towers has regularly performed with her own band(s), which morphed into various iterations over these years, most recently into a band called "Penny Arcade". Over this timeframe her love of the Jazz Standards motivated she and her bandmates to record a total of 24 covers. Here now, for the first time anywhere and now fully remastered by Protilius Studios of Adelaide, Australia are all of Penny's covers songs gathered together in one place for your listening pleasure.