Penny Towers New Album Promo
Penny Towers Covers Popular Songs of the 20th Century
This is a preview for our upcoming release of a two volume CD set of Penny Towers singing Popular Songs of the 20th Century.
The Case of the Time Traveling Serial Killer Video Promo
This is a video promo for the film The Case of the Time Traveling Serial Killer created in collaboration with the following other broadjam members: Penny Towers, Greg Johnson, Al Hovden, Bobby Sahlen, Leslie Shalen.
Greg Johnson - Illusion
This is a song written, composed, produced and performed by Greg Johnson of Davis, California that dares to question destiny, resignation, and acceptance of a world in which we're not really calling our own shots, but rather, operating under an illusion of control we don't possess.
Greg Johnson: Me & the Moon
This video features a live performance by Greg Johnson of his song Me & The Moon at The Melon Theater in Davis, California on 9-09-21 at his record release party for the album "Sleepy Sunday", also available on streaming platforms everywhere and on YouTube.
Greg Johnson: Lonely Again
This video features Greg Johnson performing his song Lonely Again at The Melon Theater in Davis, California on 9-09-21 at his record release party.
Greg Johnson: What Ya Done To Me
This video features a live performance by Greg Johnson of his song What Ya Done To Me performed at The Melon Theater in Davis, CA on 9-09-21 at his record release party.
Greg Johnson: The Right Lane of Life
This video features a live performance by Greg Johnson of his song The Right Lane of Life at his Record Release Party at The Melon Theater in Davis, California on 9-09-21.
Greg Johnson: Your Smile Looks Like Sunshine
This video features a live performance by Greg Johnson of his song Your Smile Looks Like Sunshine performed at The Melon Theater in Davis, California at his CD Release Party on 9-09-21.
Greg Johnson: Sleepy Sunday
This is a video of a live performance of Sleepy Sunday performed by Greg Johnson at The Melon Theater at Watermelon Music in Davis, California at a record release party on 9-09-21. This song was co-written by Greg Johnson and Jay Carney.
Greg Johnson: When Smokey Plays
This is a video of a live performance of Greg Johnson performing his song When Smokey Plays.
Greg Johnson: Winter Leaves
This is a video of Greg Johnson performing the song "Winter Leaves" live at The Melon Theater in Davis, California. The video quality, done with an iPhone is not excellent, but the sound quality is decent.
Greg Johnson: I Like The Night
This is a video of Greg Johnson performing his song "I Like The Night" live at his Record Release Party held 9-09-21 at The Melon Theater @ Watermelon Music in Davis, California. The visual qualify is poor due to filming on a cellphone, but the audio quality is decent.
Greg Johnson: I See You
This is a static video for a new song by Greg Johnson called I See You.
This Charade by Earl C. Webb featuring TonyG
Adrenaline Rush
This is a song I wrote many years ago about depression, a condition we all experience to varying degrees. I only hope that this music video might help to alleviate some pain.

Song Title: Adrenaline Rush

Songwriter: Jay Carney

Theme: Depression

Record Label: Starburst Records

Publisher: Starburst Music Publisher, LLC

Spotify Link:
The Best Things About Love Are Free
Part of the continuing series of Best of Motown featuring Earl C. Webb.
Movie Trailer for "The Case of the Time Traveling Serial Killer"
We are pleased to publish our first Trailer for our movie "The Case of the Time Traveling Serial Killer"! Hope you enjoy it! We are in the process of firming up a date and time in December 2022 for our world premiere of this film at The Savoy in Montpelier. 71% of the actors are from the greater Montpelier, Vermont area. Stay tuned for further details including a link to where tickets may be purchased.
Pink Moon (hi rez version)
This is a continuous playing of all 8 lofi music tracks from our latest album Pink Moon. These tracks are being released as 8 singles on music streaming platforms over the months of Oct, Nov & Dec of 2022 but are now all available for free streaming and downloading exclusive on Bandcamp at the following link:
I Guess We're Done
"I Guess We're Done"

Brand new song By Greg Johnson, published by Starburst Records

Being released Friday, June 10 to music streaming platforms everywhere

Background: Greg wrote a song I find hilarious in its sarcasm and expression of how all men are always wrong, except, perhaps, that one time in history when Johnny Depp won an argument with a woman, but this is so rare, it barely counts! Lol

This is the lead song of a 6-song EP available on Bandcamp at
Vodka in the Morning
Music Video for Vodka in the Morning from Greg Johnson's "Long May You Run" album on Starburst Records.
Jay's LoFi Music
My dear friends:

Like so many who have tried to earn a living wage in the music industry, I, too, have chased the dragon in this highly competitive field. Two years ago, I supplemented what I had been doing by developing and publishing music in the LoFi genre, which is particularly popular on Spotify. I am happy to report that as of this month, my LoFi music has reached sufficient streams to fund half of my goal of $3,000 per month in revenue. It's a whole new age in the music industry where it takes 300 +/- streams to earn one dollar of revenue. In the past, my own music has been interspersed with the music of rock star earners on playlists in order to get a leg up. Now, for the first time, I am promoting a playlist of all my own music under the "Jay's LoFi Music" playlist. If you dig chill, relaxing vibes, I invite you to check out my work on the following playlist:

listening link is here:
Our Time Is Now 30 second promo
This is a 30 second promo being used on social media preceding our 12-31-21 release of the new song "Our Time Is Now"
Starburst Records 2021 Compilation Album
We are pleased to announce the EARLY RELEASE of Starburst Records 2021 Compilation Album exclusively on Bandcamp featuring 14 of the best works of our recording artists during 2021 including the following tracks at the link below:

Track #/Title/Artist

1 Overthinker by Paul Anthony

2 Flying by distant.face

3 The Thing About Love by Earl C. Webb

4 Vacation by Tokoname

5 Black Hurts by Terry Blade

6 Summer Breeze by Strewing

7 Unless You Mean It by Penny Towers

8 Clownshow by L O F I L U V

9 Mi perdición by Leiza Michaels

10 Triumphant Alt. Mix by Vinni Hamilton

11 O'Leary's by Greg Johnson

12 Into Your Eyes Felice K. Cooper

13 Somehow Rushane Cameron

14 Introspections Len Perry
Heavenly Sheets
fusing together Rapazzi style bass lines with Astrid's Musings vocals and lofi music.
another christmas song
deconstructing cinema & music
Beat The Halls
deconstructing Deck The Halls in a lo-fi sort of way
a lofi collaboration between Starburst recording artists L O F I L U V, distant.face an Nery Bauer.
Desert Heart
New song by Greg Johnson
Mama Never Told You
Song #4 in a 15-song series under our "Back To Motown" homage to RnB/Soul Motown music.
Back To Motown!
This is a video promoting the release of a collaborative 15 song project by Earl C. Webb, Greg Johnson & Starburst Records.
Off-Duty is a lofi chill music video designed to promote relaxation.
None by Austin Tyl3r (aka Wes Dinwiddie) & Johnny Starburst (aka Jay Carney)
A collaboration by Wes & I dating back to 2012.
Imaginary Dance
Music Video of Imaginary Dance, lead song on upcoming album release by Great Johnson dropping 10-01-21.
Chasing Shadows by Earl C. Webb
Chasing Shadows, a song written, produced & performed by Earl C. Webb of Bristol, England and published by Starburst Records.
Chompin' Stompin'
This is a "stop motion" film made over a 3 year period by Jace Wertz.
Sleepy Sunday Album
This is a static video containing the 10 vocal jazz songs that comprise the album called Sleepy Sunday by Greg Johnson on Starburst Records.
Interview of Penny Towers & Jay Carney on the Dimitri K Lite Lounge internationally syndicated radio show
In May of 2021, Penny Towers and Jay Carney were interviewed on the Dimitri K Lite Lounge internationally syndicated radio show. This is a video of the radio show broadcast.
The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes
In this 10 song album/video series, Penny Towers plays all 3 primary character roles: Ingrid, the damsel in distress, Gumshoe Tony, the 1940's L.A. based Private Investigator, and Bates, the Creep. Ingrid hires Tony to bring Bates to justice. This is Season 1 of a multi season series orchestrated by a collective of artists from Brodadjam.
Poet, Prophet, Sinner, Saint
Poet, Prophet, Sinner, Saint

Official Video

(c) 2016 Jay Carney & Bobby Sahlen

Artist: Michael Lusk
Into You Eyes by Felice Kaye-Cooper, Official Music Video
Our Finest Moment!

Starburst Records recording Artist Felice Kaye-Cooper is early releasing her Official Music Video for "Into Your Eyes", her new single dropping on 7-2-21. Incorporating an Alan Ailey style colorful and exotic dancing couple, this video will both tantalize and excite! Click below to view.
Marionette's Parade
I am very, very excited to present for the fist time anywhere, filmed on location in Belarus by the artist Pavel Danilyuk, the official music video for the song Marionette's Parade, co-written & produced in 2013 by Dave Robinson of Ringgold, Georgia and Jay Carney of Massachusetts.


Song Title: Marionette's Parade

Writers: Dave Robinson, Jay Carney

Date Song Written/Produced/Published: 2013

Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Vi, aka Nathaniel Jones

Date Music Video Released: May 16, 2021

Videographer: Pavel Danilyuk

Ballet Dancer: Name currently unknown
Still Upright - Monochrome Version
Dream Sequences by Paul Anthony, Video Teaser
This is a little video teaser to promote the new upcoming album featuring Paul Anthony called Dream Sequences being published 6.25.21.
Greg Johnson Covers the Masters
This is a promotional video teaser announcing upcoming release of Greg Johnson's Covers album coming out in June 2021
The Case of the No Good Low Down Creep, Episodes 1, 2 & 3
Here are the first 3 episodes of this 10 episode series. The entire 10 episodes are available at
Ep 1 "Gumshoe Cruisin'" of The No Good Low Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes
All 10 episodes available at

As our tribute to vintage Film Noir Classics, Penny Towers, Greg Johnson, Jean Paul Zoghbi, Vinni Hamilton & I are creating a 10 episode series called "The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep (a LoFi Film Noir Classic)" to be released as an album on music streaming sites and also as a video series on June 4, 2021. We are now releasing today an update of Episode #1 to introduce the project. Penny voices the parts of all three primary characters: Tony, the Gumshoe Detective, Ingrid, the Damsel in Distress & Bates, the no good low-down Creep! Hope you enjoy:-).
Ep 2 "You Dirty Rat" of The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes
All 10 episodes available at

In this Episode, Gumshoe Tony sings his wishes for retribution to The Creep. The entire 10 episode music series is now exclusively available on Bandcamp at:
Ep 3 "Mega Creep" of the 10 Episode series "The Case of the No Good Low Down Creep", a LoFi Film Noir Classic starring Penny Towers in 3 lead roles
Here it is! Episode 3 "Mega Creep" from the 10 Episode series "The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep", a LoFi Film Noir Classic starring Penny Towers playing all three main character roles. This will be the 3rd and last video episodes we publish on Facebook. If you'd like to view all 10 episodes in one continuous 22 minute video, than rush on over to and purchase the album for just $10.00 and you'll receive the entire album along with a private link to view all 10 episodes! Many of Penny's fans LOVE this Episode 3. Hope you like it.
Chica especial (Kinda Girl Spanish Version) by Leiza Michaels
The Lonely Guitar by Felice Kaye-Cooper ft. Stefano
The Older You Get, Spanish Version called: Al envejecer
Hechizame (Charm Me) by Leiza Michaels
music video for Hechizame (Charm Me), a single included on an upcoming album
Mi perdición (Pure White Snow)
Official Music Video for Mi perdición
This is a Video Teaser published to promote upcoming release of Leiza Michael's "New Standards" album, Spanish version.
Felice Kaye-Cooper: Paris Lights
Paris, The City of Love.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Cover)
Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)
from the recently released American Descendant of Slavery, The Album
Same Gender Loving, Terry Blade
from the recently released American Descendant of Slavery, The Album
Strewing - Empire State
My latest LoFi track presented below called "Empire State" is a tribute to my love of NYC as epitomized in "An Affair To Remember" starring Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr also Sleepless in Seattle, presented in its entirely below...
The Moon Just Seems To Know
A Heartbroken Love Song.
This Is LoFi
access these LoFi Music Playlists at
CD Release Party for The San Carlos Sessions
Shine ft. Earl C.Web
Official Trailer for Track 8 of American Descendant of Slavery, The Album
American Descendent of Slavery, The Album
This is a video teaser for the upcoming publication of the brand new album by Terry Blaze called "American Descendent of Slavery, The Album".
New School Swing ft. Amvis teaser video
Happy Holidays & 2020 Year in Review
Wishing Happy Holidays to everyone & looking back musically over the year 2020!
Video promoting upcoming release of new album by Greg Johnson
DJ Dionysus' "Complicated"
Jay Carney and Nathaniel Jones have created a project together for EDM music called DJ Dionysus. This is the first song created under this collaborative initiative and its now been selected by Taxi Music on 12-1-20 and forwarded to a music supervisor for possible release in China with a $5,000 to $8,000 payout.
Carolina EP Preview
Starburst Records is pleased to announce the upcoming Fall Release of Greg Johnson's latest EP called "Carolina Moon" coming to Spotify & other digital music streaming sites Nov 10, 2020!
Johnny Starburst Jazz Collection, Vol. III
Teaser Video to Promote upcoming release of The Johnny Starburst Jazz Collection, Vol III on Spotify & other music streaming platforms including:

Track List

1 Acidity Burns

2 Boppin Urge

3 Bossa Marimba Quartet

4 Chilled Bass Sonata

5 Break Away

6 Crusin Tonight

7 Mr. Tromboney

8 Mellowed

9 Nylon Dreams

10 Brazilian New Wave

11 Smokin Chillex

12 Dancing 'Round
Smokin Chillex by L O F I L U V
LoFi Artist L O F I L U V is releasing its latest track called "Smokin' Chillex" on Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 on Spotify & other streaming sites, courtesy of Starburst Records. This is a teaser video preview created to promote listens to the track on social media prior to its release.
My Heart Belongs To You ft. Eric Tyler
teaser video to promote release on Spotify and other streaming sites of "My Heart Belongs To You" ft. Eric Tyler by Felice Kaye Cooper
Steel Back, EP Promo Video
This is a "teaser video" to promote the upcoming EP Release of Steel Back by Vinni Hamilton Productions.
Vinni Hamilton Productions song Swinger
This is a "teaser video" to promote the upcoming release of "Swinger", an instrument Swing era track by Vinni Hamilton Productions & Starburst Records.
Child of Mine teaser video preceding release
The Rain by Felice Kaye-Cooper
The Rain by Felice Kaye-Cooper
The Lonely Guitar by Felice Kaye-Cooper
video teaser for first release of Felice Kaye-Cooper on Starburst Records.
One World by Revdoc & the Sahlens
My friends Bobby & Leslie Sahlen asked me to make a music video to accompany their song recently co-written with Revdoc Welch being a sketch about world unity.
Happy 98th Birthday Grandmere!
My dear sweet Mom turns 98 years old this month. She has four children, 17 grandchildren & 23 great grandchildren. My family is going to be hosting a Zoom Birthday Celebration call on her birthday for the extended family during which we're going to present her with a music video celebrating her life. The video features a song I wrote for her.

Hero All The Way

© Starburst

Some say angels walk this earth

Masquerade as humankind

What a lucky break for me

You're of this special kind

You brought me into this world

You taught me right from wrong

Your selfless acts and noble deeds

Helped guide me to be strong


You're the hero of my nights

You're the hero of my days

You're the hero of my dreams

You're my hero all the way

You're my hero all the way

Healing hands that let me know

I can fail and still succeed

A generous smile so beautiful

Lending light to every need

Now as I've grown into a man

I've come to realize

The awesome power of the love

There in my mother's eyes

(repeat chorus)


Somewhere between awake and dreams

Exists a holy place

It's there that I first realized

Your amazing grace

(repeat chorus)
Photo Ops From Hell
a gifted Brazilian composer

a seasoned Mexican vocalist, &

an award winning American lyricist

get together & form a band they call...


they cook up a stew of jazzy hip-hop-rap

inspired indie rock

and write a song for a movie about an

L.A. based photo-journalist in the 1940's

who specializes in horror crime scenes

they call their song

Let Me Breathe
for a comprehensive database of blacks killed by police in the USA since 2013 see
Don't Break My Heart by Margie & Art Corey
Margie & Art Corey asked me to make a music video for them based upon their original song "Don't Break My Heart", a song they wrote about a true story. All photos used in the video are copyright protected, so there's no legal problems to worry about.
Silly Girl
Silly Girl, my homage to Keith Urban's song "Stupid Boy"....

Many years ago when I began fumbling in the dark trying to understand what makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence in songwriting, I studied the works of Keith Urban. When I heard his song "Stupid Boy" with all of its self-deprecating honesty, I found my answer. I spent a year of my life studying how to write a song under the tutelage of a master. I tried to summon up all the best creativity I could, including trying to get in touch with my "feminine side" and wrote this, my homage to Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy" and I called it "Silly Girl". I hope you enjoy listening and reading what I came up with.
Pretty Sparrow
Greg Johnson & I are happy to share our newest song with you "Sparrow Pretty Sparrow", a song about a caged bird...but is it about much more than that??? This is our homage to all caged creatures of all kinds throughout all of history. From the caged bird that Maya Angelou wrote so eloquently about, to the young Mexican children caged by our malevolently narcissistic and racist excuse for a president, to the incarcerated innocents and unjustly incarcerated young black men in this country, to the slaves kidnapped and transported from Africa and forced into slave labor and, yes, even now to all of us worldwide caged in our homes for the noble purposes of flattening the curve of this pandemic.
Destination: Paradise
Destination: Paradise is an IslandVibe style of dreamlike fantasy by Coconuts & Moonbeams, a musical collaboration of Greg Johnson & Starbu5st Records.
The Chain
The Chain tells the story of a son raised in the Bayou by a father who's earned his livelihood and fed his family by cooking moonshine. Unfortunately, the old man imbibes his product too much and too frequently and he's a mean drunk. The story is told from the son's point of view who wishes to escape the pain, the shame of his father's mistreatment. Sung by the incredible Bobby Sahlen.
Feather in the Wind, a tribute to the only truly authentic Americans
a tribute to the only truly Authentic Americans
Aimlessly Spellbound by TokoName
Our World ft. PGO & Paul Messina
In this day and age of CoronaVirus sweeping the planet, this song reaches deep into our souls.
Morning Walk by TokoName
LoFi Chill Jazzy HipHop
This music video features a song titled "Tragedy", which although written in 2013 has profound significance given the CoronaVirus devastation taking place worldwide today
Presenting Penny Towers
Video Teaser Ad for use on Social Media to promote upcoming releases of two songs by Penny Towers.
Introducing Late Evening Wind by TOKONAME
Starburst Records is pleased to welcome the newest artist to its label, TOKONAME effective March 11, 2030. TOKONAME specializes in composing and producing in the genre of LoFi Chill/Jazzy Hip Hip instrumental music. Perhaps the most ubiquitous style of music on Spotify, no other musical style comes even close to the high volume of playlists in this genre. This sound is known for its vintage sound and the very relaxing atmosphere it creates. Very helpful and enjoyable for kicking back, calming and soothing and even for facilitating better sleeping patterns. Please join us in welcoming TOKONAME to our little stable of indie artists!

You can learn more about this genre and checkout 10 leading artists here at the following link:

Pure White Snow
Pure White Snow is a song co-written with and performed by Leiza Michaels from our brand new upcoming album release Leiza Michaels New Standards dropping Spring 2020 on Starburst Records. This song is our homage to the amazing artistry of Billie Holiday which, while acknowledged her struggle with heroin addiction, nonetheless celebrates her legendary and iconic performance capabilities. We'd also like to acknowledge, recognize & thank the incredible musical acumen chops/producer recording capabilities of David Francis (our Nashville Producer/upright bass player extraordinaire) as well as Tommy Harden - Drums & Percussion, Catherine Marx - Keyboards, Kerry Marx - Electric Guitar, Jim Hoke - Saxophones & Chromatic Harmonica, David Francis - upright bass and Marv Treutel - Recording Engineer. Final engineering, mixing & Mastering of this album is underway by my longtime producer/collaborator/friend Nathaniel Jones, who's mad skills are also legendary. Love ALL of you and thank you for making this such a fun and innovative project! When you watch this video below, please be sure to click on the bottom right corner of the video and move up the sound bar up so you can hear it:-).
The Older You Get
Movin' Too Slow
HeartBroke in LA by Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson's original song "Heartbroke in LA".
Sleepy Sunday Preview
This is a preview of a brand new collaborative song by Greg Johnson called "Sleepy Sunday" dropping 3-15-2020 on Spotify & at digital media platforms everywhere.
A Different Kind of Sleep
Notwithstanding the reality of the fact that only a small segment of the population are electronic industrial music fans, I cannot contain my excitement over how great I personally feel this production by myself, Ron Potter and Nathaniel Jones has turned out. This is music intended to be played at very LOUD volume. The musicality of this genre typically tells the story, but sometimes the lyrics are significant. Down to the very depths of his soul, this guy needs the kind of true restfulness and escape from the insanity of his world that only comes from a very special kind of sleep, which no matter how hard he tries, he cannot achieve. We're seeing inside the consciousness of a man who's perfect world where worries fade away is a fictional place that's been mangled by reality.
2 pts penance
first song i ever wrote, 2008
The Bitter End
The Bitter End is a hang banging electronic industrial rock piece from longtime collaborators Stuck With Green and Evan Zappa & the Necessity. The lyrics are written from the point of view of an infant child looking up at his parents and other admirers, but with the wisdom of Solomon, commenting on the big picture of life with expertise far beyond his age!

??Listen on Spotify:
Charity begins at home
Please donate to the charity of your choice over this holiday season.
A Beliza Dorme Video Teaser
video teaser for single being released 11/2007
Video teaser for Peter's new album
La Bruja ("The Witch")
In the annals of Mexican folklore, there is, perhaps, nothing more powerful than the story of La Bruja ("The Witch"). The Robles Sisters' masterful rendition of this centuries old folk song tells its story with powerful emotion.
Madam Liberty
As a small indie label representing & collaborating with artists from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina & Great Britain, Starburst Records is extremely concerned with the precipitous and disastrously rolled out refugee/immigration/Muslim travel ban recently implemented by the most unpopular president in American history. This is the subject matter of our latest music video featuring the song Madam Liberty by Johnny Starburst.
Keeper of the Truth
Rapazzi is an international musical songwriting/performance collaborative of artists from Mexico, Brazil & the USA. Its song "Keeper of the Truth", written in 2014 & released on its 4-25-2016 "Ready to Strike" album was written as a tongue in cheek satire without ever anticipating the dramatic political changes that were to come......

Keeper of the Truth

© 2014 Rapazzi

His warnings are inscrutable

His mysteries profound

A child devoid of principles

Unfettered and unbound

He grew beyond eternity

Was understood by all

The teacher of the universe

Stood proud and he stood tall


The keeper of the truth he is

With wisdom flowing free

Even fawning birds and foe

Bow to his majesty

Mankind no longer has to wait

To see why we're alive

All the answers on display

Truth's Keeper has arrived

Far beyond bigotry

Intolerance and hate

Impatient over ignorance &

Using fear as bait

Collectively inspiring

Consensus as a tool

Shutting out adversity

Changing all the rules

(repeat chorus)

Instrumental break

(repeat chorus)
1-27-17 Teaser-Supermassive black Hole
Teaser Ad for March '17 Release
Teaser for Lorena Robles Album
Starburst Records video teaser of upcoming Lorena Robles album.
Fellini's ft. Adrenax
Fellini's ft. Adrenax, lyric video
Our Secret ft. Adrenax
Our Secret ft. Adrenax, lyric video
Morning in the Afterlife ft. Adrenax
Morning in the Afterlife ft. Adrenax, lyric video
Feather in the Wind
Feather in the Wind
Suite of Lies featuring Adrenax
Sometimes in Winter
In celebration of Equinox, Starburst Records is releasing its original music video Sometimes in Winter
Bustin' Chops
Song Video created to celebrate Labor Day featuring the song Bustin' Chops.
Teaser for new SWG/Starburst Album
This is a teaser for a new 18 song collaborative album to be released soon by Stuck With Green and Starburst Music on iTunes including an operatic animated video production.
Recent Starburst Licensing Placements
Starburst Music Video Logo
Trapped, May 2013 Leslie Performance
Trapped starring the great Brazilian Artist Santolin
Brazilian version of So You Think You Can Cry