StarburstRecords launched in 2007 & now represents 59 indie artists from 9 Countries including USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Australia & Lebanon. We've published over 1,000 songs available at digital media platforms everywhere & have streamed >15 million times. We offer wide genre diversity including LoFi, Hip-Hop, pop, folk, rock, country, electronic (both ambient & industrial), Latin, etc. Founder & CEO Jay Carney is a voting member of The Grammys & The Latin Grammys and the works of many of our artists have been submitted for Grammy Nomination consideration. If you'd like to join our label, contact [email protected] We focus on promoting the artists of our label seeking placements into film, tv, advertising and to increase streaming plays, especially on Spotify.

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Nov 24 2021

Earl C. Webb, Greg Johnson & Starburst Records are pleased to share our homage to Motown Music!

L O F I L U V's "Clownshow" has streamed more than 560,000x on Spotify. Our 4 lo-fi artists' combined stream regularly @ >228,000 plays/month.

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This is a series of 15 songs being released by the collaborative team of Earl C. Webb, Greg Johnson & Starburst Records starting with a 4 song EP on Nov 26, then followed by release of 1 single per month through October of 2022. Hope you enjoy listening.